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Election Ballot Coding & Programming

Printelect combines election coding and programming services to help election authorities achieve greater levels of efficiency throughout the election process.
Our in-house election programmers use the ES&S Unity™ Election System as well as Premier’s Global Election Management System (GEMS) to effectively handle your specific coding and programming needs.
The discernable benefits achieved from using a turnkey elections services provider such as Printelect are realized in four ways:

Efficient turnaround is achieved when ballot printing, equipment coding and programming are performed by a single entity as compared to multiple, non-related entities performing the same tasks.


Through the allocation of these services to one entity, there is less potential for errors and miscommunication. Additionally, having all facets of the process performed by one entity greatly increases the efficiency of interdepartmental communication.

On-site Testing

Printelect can test your ballots after coding and offers full logic and accuracy testing services for your jurisdiction.

By combining and streamlining these services, Printelect is able to offer a competitive pricing structure, ultimately resulting in your jurisdiction achieving cost savings.
For more information about Printelect’s coding & programming, please contact us online or toll free at 800-682-4500.